First Pitch Deck for The Beat Around The Bush

The Beat Around The Bush. Ullas Drawings by Sonja Bunes.

The video is best viewed in a dark room with the sound on.

The Beat Around The Bush is interactive immersive visual art.
A visual meeting between Tim Burton and fauvism. Soundscapes are inspired by Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno and Philip Glass. To the rythm of various mantras, destructive and loving, you can interact in extremeties of uncomfortable dark and joyful light.

Ulla is a quiet girl living inside a woman, leaving drawings and notes around both hoping and fearing they will be found. How will you react?

Vonja, the woman, is strong and healthy, but struggles with ambivalence and relational issues. She has ignored the little girl for too long. Can you help?

Challenges will come in many shapes and colors.

Why is it so hard to face childhood sexual abuse? How long shall we beat around the bush before facing the fact? When are we going to act?

This can be regarded as an artistic visual reply to the project Testimony.

For more info on the project see my YouTube channel.