Color Pencil Drawing

Composite personalities

Wondering Sonja Bunes Color Pencil Drawing A3 2020

Wondering Sonja Bunes Color Pencil Drawing A3 2020

Perhaps it was the lack of social life that made me start drawing people. Or perhaps it was just me picking up the pencils where I have stopped so many times before. Drawing people, and masks.

Faces fascinate me. The expressions. The combinations of expressions that can move across a persons face in seconds. The various traits that compose different personalities. We are all put together in interesting ways.

Color pencil drawings on paper, A4 and A3. For sale here.

Symmetry is rare

Take a look at the left hand side and the right hand side of these anonymous portraits, separately. Do the same with faces you see around you. Not as symmetrical as you might expect?

See some of my fun experiments here.

What Goes Around Comes Around 2020

Sonja Bunes Color Pencil Drawing A4 What Goes Around Comes Around 2020

I was happy to have drawing paper and color pencils at home when Covid-19 stopped me from going to the studio. This is the first drawing I made.

I started wondering are we getting “what we deserve?”

Is this karma? Something needs to be done so that we stop treating our globe so horribly it has to retaliate? We all depend upon the helth of this planet.

What goes around, comes around.

Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901 Color pencils

I love the simplicity and sustainability of using pencils and paper. These are Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901 Color pencils.