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Digesting Decades

Ateliér . / & )  Sonja Bunes Kvadraturen Kunstateliér Oslo
Ateliér . / & ) Sonja Bunes, Oslo Norway

The Studio is my sanctuary. It is where I’m trying to figure out life, and myself.
My images are like visual recordings of the communication taking place within me, between the one who remembers everything, and the one living in the now.

Often there is a classical order holding everything together. The grammar of the conversation so to speek.

Then there is the feeling. It mixes into the material. It roars, it whispers, it shouts, it sings and it is quiet. The tools in my hands face resistance, and they are playful. The work is physical.Geometric shapes and proportions withstand the emotional energy.

Can they mirror the fusion of oposites in existence?

Digesting Decades

Recycling drawings from five decades. Cutting them to pieces, glueing them back together, working them some more. New stories appear. In memories, dreams and collages all things can happen simultaneously. A new image appears, physically and mentally. False memories are manifesting. What is real? New framework, new perspectives. Consuming flicker from digested past brings nutrition to the future.