My process


New directions, different techniques and materials
await my attention.
Digital sculpture is my latest adventure.
Soon to come alive in 360 degree virtual space…

Creature of the forest


I face the blank paper and it faces me.
Dots, lines and curves of color create expressions.
I get to know them as I continue the practice.
I try to let the sheet, with the previous marks, dictate each move.
Sometimes I get too eager and stumble into my own impatience.
With forgiving acceptance
the paper, the pencils, and I go on our humble journey
into the complex possibilities of
the simple act of drawing.

Composite personalities

Drawing is process

Drawing is a process. It can be a powerful medium for exploring emotions, and getting to know oneself. The mirroring that takes place on the sheet provides opportunities for reflection. This can help personal growth.

Sometimes you have to face sorrow.