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New directions … always.


Sonja Bunes – New directions… always.
I first met Sonja Bunes in 1994. I was living in a log cabin in the woods north of Oslo, and I had recently begun to paint. One day I was in Oslo and stumbled upon an art gallery on the second floor of a shopping center. Intrigued, I went inside the gallery and found a young woman sitting on the floor, sorting out paintings that were to be shown at an upcoming exhibition.


Throwback to interview for from 2002

The Power of The Snake is Transformation. The snake symbolizes transformation, and the images depictict Life, Air, Water, Earth and Fire. What got a young woman interested in talking to me in the first place was a multimedia animation that I had made from these images back in 2001. They are digital collages made from pictures of some of my paintings and drawings.