Coming Alive


Drawing takes time and it shows time. It is about activity, in the quiet, movement in time and in space, inside and out.

Coming alive. Color pencil drawing on paper. 21x28cm. April 2020. Sonja Bunes.
Coming alive. Color pencil drawing on paper. 21x28cm. April 2020. Sonja Bunes.

In recent weeks my work has changed in a simplifying way. The Covid-19 situation has taken me back to the here and now, back to the most intimate and direct expression; drawing on paper. Thoughts and emotions blend with the lines and colors on the sheet. I find my self engrossed.

«Coming Alive» is the working title of the project in my home studio. It points to both the feeling I have in this process and to the content of the motifs. It is a natural continuation of, and/or part of, the project that awaits in the studio, «Digesting Decades», which is a series of torn up old sketches and drawings that are put back together in new constellations.

Pictures always carry something of the old and bring it into the new, whether in the form of pure drawing, or collage. Both my work process and my pictures are about something new being created from something old. The craftsmanship in the drawing builds new expressions using classic principles and qualities. Contemporary art and life builds on our history. It lies in the materials, and in the hands holding the tool.

Transformation is central. The essence of my motives over 50 years is man and nature, and not least human nature. Birth, life and death are, as we know, a traditional existential theme in art. Nothing stands still, everything moves.

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